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TrafX is traffic simulation software unit best working with CarX engine and Unity3D game engine

TrafX traffic simulation system for Unity3D

Get benefits with TrafX traffic system:

The road graph may be build completely in the Unity3d editor:

Convenient arrangement and editing of road splines:

  • creation and removal of roads
  • creation/removal/movement of road spline points
  • road lines inverting, creation of road duplicates
  • adaptation points of a spline for road surfaces

You have control over many road strip parameters:

  • width
  • maximum speed of traffic
  • transport capacity
  • transport type (Automobile, cargo, rail, buses, motorcycles etc.)

Convenient editing of communications between strips and possibility to specify availability of journey between them (continuous/faltering).

Semi-automatic creation of intersection splines

Use drag and drop method to connect strips.
Spline between them is created automatically and may be edited manually later.

For splines of the intersection it is possible to set:

  • movement direction (it is used for traveling intersections and turn signals management)
  • movement priority

Types of traffic lights and settings:

  • Three-colored lights
  • Single color lights
  • Lights wth additional sections
  • Duplicating lights
  • Opportunity to set time of each color.
  • Opportunity to set time shift (for example, for creation of the green channel)
  • Optionally, yellow light when switching with red on green and back
  • Possibility of manual regulation through a script
  • Opportunity to create a digital traffic light

Features of a traffic:

  • completely physical (on the basis of CarX)
  • journey of adjustable and unregulated intersections
  • observance of a speed limits
  • preliminary turning on of the blinker at traveling intersection
  • evolution from a strip on a strip
  • traffic AI cars react on player car
  • when Traffic AI choose a route, it selects strips available to this type of transport and selects roads if their load doesn't exceed limits

Arrangement of transport occurs at variable distance from the player.

You may set the:

  • maximum number of cars,
  • time interval between arrangements
There is an opportunity to create other algorithm of arrangement, without having all initial code.

See how traffic system works in real project:

Another one real project:

Find the most appropriate TrafX edition for you:

TrafX 1.0
Platforms C# code for Unity3D engine(PC, MAC, Web, IOS, Android, Xbox360, PS3, Wii)
Price $3720
Source code price (additional). You may edit a code + $3360
Upgrade cost 120% of difference between prices
Royalties royalty-free
Number of seats unlimited
Version updates free
License type single project
Free technical support 3 month(without sources) / 6 month(with sources)
Technical support by email, skype
Cost of 1 month extra tech support $900 (10 hours included)
TrafX interface language C# for Unity3D

Before you buy traffic simulation system

Before you buy TrafX module, feel free to ask all question by email:
TrafX author will answer all your technical questions.

Warning! Before you pay for TrafX license, please send us request to our contact email!
Some types of projects require royalty transfer from the project income.
To get TrafX payment link please send us information to e-mail

We want to see some information about you:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Company name you represent
  • Information about your project
  • Request for License Agreement before you pay

You can pay TrafX license by

  • Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard
  • Pay Pal
  • Bank/Wire transfer
  • American Express
  • Fax
  • WebMoney
  • Discover/Novus
  • Dinners Club
  • JCB

TrafX technical support

We understand our clients need not only package of modeling road traffic, but also to receive our help at TrafX integration stage into project.

For our clients we provide 10-40 hours of free technical support:

  • We help to integrate TrafX into your project
  • We consult on how to tune your vehicle traffic

If you are not currently TrafX client you may ask questions about TrafX and Unity on Unity3D forum

Technical support (in English and Russian) is available via e-mail:

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