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There are a lot of thousand people played a CarX demo. Players share their testimonials about our technology.
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Read testimonials from our clients(developers of games and simulators):

carx car physics engine review
My project is Transportando o Brasil 2. It is a Truck Simulation Game, the game show how is a life of a Truck Driver and, can simulate various types of Trucks, Buses and Cars. I was searching for a complete Vehicle physics engine to make my work more easy and, save a lot of time working on it. With CarX, I have accurate physics for my games and the support from the CarX team are very good, I want to thank these guys that supported me in my project currently in production.

I tried various another Car Physics. The difficulties is that the majority part, the Car Physics are not complete, always missing something like Real Clutch simulation, "car sliding" when stoped and a lot of another problems in the physics behaviours.
After some time lost and, wanting to have a very good physics in my projects, I play the Demo of CarX and fall in love with this, so, one of the steps was to contact the CarX team, tell them what I need and Ready, They have done a great work to fit my needs and today I'm very excited producing my Truck Simulator with no worries with the Vehicle Physics. This make the difference.

Everything is Amazing and fast, so, CarX had changed my To Do list and now I can direct my time on the things I need to work in the project and no worries about the physics.
I found no difficulties in integration CarX into my project! And how fast?, "Only the light is faster" (Silvester Stallone in the Movie "The Expendables"). Also i received my product with all the features I need and more, it comes with a great support from the CarX guys.
Emerson Gresoski
Country: Brazil
Company name: Dynamic Games Entertainment
Working name of the project: Transportando Brasil 2
Project platform: PC (Unity3D)

Read testimonials from people who downloaded the demo:

carx car physics engine review
When I first saw CarX Trailer, I was really amazed. I had never such a good physics engine. Immediately after I saw the trailer, me and my friend who told me about CarX, we downloaded the demo. I couldn't believe how realistic the driving was, I was enjoying driving, and drifting. The cars could even be used for racing, and drifting at the same, depending how I was driving the car, something that it is really unusual to happen to the latest driving games. I loved that I could control my car using a keyboard, drive smoothly on the road, and drift too! I never thought I would be able to drift with a keyboard.

After a few months, I saw that CarX 2.0 was released. I could not wait to download the demo!
Finally, after a few weeks, the demo was released, and I downloaded it immediately. I have to say, the turbo sound was really amazing. The car was feeling more realistic, more stable on the road.

I believe that Need For Speed games need to get CarX, because people these days enjoy more driving realistic, because it has definitely more interest, and more challenge, since the way of playing is not just an arrow key!

I would love to see some Need For Speed games, like to Need for Speed shift, because their physics were not the best, their handling was difficult. I believe a lot of people will enjoy Need for speed games with CarX, and not just Need for Speed, any racing game can be just perfect with CarX, just because of these amazing physics.
Asterios Papadimitroulas
Facebook profile: DjSt3rios
Birth date: 17/5/1994
Country: Greece
City: Lamia
Sim-racing experience:4 years
Real driving experience: none
Favorite driving games:
Live For Speed, rFactor
carx car physics engine review
Thank you for the demo. I must say that I have not felt such excitement from simulators since my acquaintance with the LFS. I played all existing racing sims at the moment and one can identify units that are "live" physics - when in real-time feel are not spelled out in advance the parameters and the actual physics of suspension, tires, etc.

These are very rare and really realistic project I include a physics engine CarX, I like it very much like physics from Live For Speed, and perhaps CarX even surpasses it in terms of adhesion of rubber to asphalt.

I always loved drift in driving simulator because drifting is possible to feel real physics, and many car simulators can not cope with this, CarX perfectly simulates the drift due to the excellent tire physics.

Just want to mention an amazing control with the keyboard, in simulations it is usually impossible or very difficult, CarX offers easy control with the keys while maintaining excellent control over the car, and on the steering wheel feels returns that accurately conveys all the feelings from the wheels.

I believe that with CarX car physics engine one can do the best hardcore car simulator like LFS, and "semi arcade" like NFS with stunning transfer of car behavior with simple handling.
Kubasov Danil
Birth date: 1989
Country: Russia
City: Chelyabinsk
Sim-racing experience:6 years
Real driving experience:
Drift fan
Favorite driving games:
"Live For Speed", "Richard Burns Rally"
carx car physics engine review
CarX amazed me just from the video, the car reactions are very natural for me so i requested the Demo. First impression was good, the first thing i notice is the Live For Speed-ish force feedback, believe it is one of the best FFB, if not the best, so i loved the Force Feedback of CarX.

This feature allowed me to feel many things going on with the physics. The tire is very dynamic, the contact surface is not static and u can feel it once u drop from a curb or brake hardly on a pitch corner, also u can feel the slip angle of the tire when u are understeering or entering into a corner. The other thing very well done is the Grip-in Grip-out transition, the slide inertia is very natural and is logic depending of different tire compounds. Once the tire start sliding, if u hold the accelerator input, u will be able to keep sliding the tire but which is the best part, if u match the tire and tarmac timing (by gass output or decreasing car angle, etc.) the grip returns naturally, with a little shake like it should be.

The car inertia is very well made, the suspension work naturally and also do the dynamics of them. U can easily see and feel the Ackermann , toe and camber degree variations which make the suspension model very accurate and give the user the possibility to recreate real world suspension types and reactions.

Bumps, rebounds, preload and every shock and spring physics seems to be well done, but since i can see the input values and cant play with them and don`t really know how they work, but they feel very logic must admit. Differentials are aimed to increase drifting possibilities i believe, but u still can feel and check how are them build. The torque output is well represented on RWD and FWD cars, the differentials are a bit tight and u can see how inner wheel spin on pitch corners easily, in curious of how would them work with lower values.

The cars have very marked differences, my favorite is the R34 which have the stronger force feedback and u can really FEEL the car weight. the R33 have some issue with the front suspension which feels like negative caster but is jut one car. The AE86 have his own drift setup and is very success at it, the angle gain is fast, but smooth, very natural and very fun.

After all, the best thing i find on CarX is something that u cannot do intentionally, CarX been VERY ADDICTIVE to me, is not online, is not a finished game, is just a showoff demo and still difficult to me close the program, i spin over and over again the circuit hitting curbs and cones, braking hard and watching replays. Can`t imagine how addictive would be a game with this physics but a lot more features.

So, CarX is a very good physic base which allow every game developing team to make a product that can please hardcore simmers and will be fun enough (with some practice) to not so hardcore racing game players. The physics give the user the freedom to choose his driving style and the options are just limited by the driver.
Rodrigo Sanchez
Birth date: 1/7/1986
Country: Argentina
City: Buenos Aires
Simracing experience:11 years
Real driving experience:
Karting Racer 2 years, Raced on "Oscar Galvez" Turismo Events
Favorite driving games:
"Netkar-Pro", "Racer Free Car Simulator", "Live For Speed", "Richard Burns Rally", "Clipping Point", "Insane"
carx car physics engine review
I found information on CarX from a site YouTube but also you may find CarX at each game developers forum in car physics topics.

Most of all I liked soft tires and as they behave in different conditions.

For me study of every possible trifles is most important in an driving simulator. In my opinion it creates feeling of realness.

The differences noticed between CarX 2.0 and CarX 1.0 generally it concerns the physics of the car. It became more real.

There is only one point which wasn't pleasant to me in CarX, it is the price for the simple people which hobby is game development.

I think CarX physics is most of all similar to Richard Burns Rally, Live For Speed. But car handling is easy with keys.

So i consider that the CarX technology needs to be integrated in any modern games.
Rodin Evgeny Igorevich
Birth date: 24.08.1988
Country: Russia
City: Tula
Simracing experience:12 years
Real driving:4 years
Favorite driving games: "SpinTires"

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