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CarX Technology features

CarX engine has large feature set.
Using CarX you can minimize project budget and developing time.

Cross - platform code:

  • C++ code for PC, Mac
  • C# code for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, WEB applications, IPhone, IPad, Android (with Unity3D engine)

Multiple car simulation:

  • up to 30 cars running on 100 frames per second!
  • Simple mode for simulating traffic (up to 200 cars simultaneously)

Variable gravity and coordinate system:

  • Right and Left-handed coordinate system
  • Variable gravity

Different surfaces:

  • asphalt
  • snow
  • ice
  • sand
  • grass
  • earth


  • key steering assistance
  • braking assistance
  • support of traction control

Tyre parameters:

  • Flexible tires simulation
  • Tires types: sport, racing, drag, all season, snow
  • Tires customizing: radius, width, profile height, disk diameter

Suspension parameters:

  • Shock absorbers
  • Stabilizers
  • Springs
  • Toe angle
  • Caster angle
  • Camber angle
  • Ackerman effect
  • Suspension types: McPherson, double wishbone, dependent

Transmission parameters:

  • Number of gears (1-25)
  • Gear ratios (all gears + final drive ratio)
  • Gear types: FWD, RWD, 4WD
  • Differential locking ratio
  • True clutch simulation
  • True starter simulation

Braking balance:

  • Front and rear torque distribution
  • ABS simulation

Weight balance, Aerodynamics:

  • Front/Rear,Top/Bottom,Left/Right weight distribution
  • Car body mass, wheel mass
  • Car body inertia, wheel inertia
  • Front/Rear aero down force
  • Air resistance simulation

Engine parameters:

  • Engine torque curve
  • True clutch simulation
  • True starter simulation

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